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SoulTopia, Carrollton
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*In the event of inclement weather, classes may be cancelled or rescheduled. Please always check the SoulTopia website and calendar for cancellations before driving during questionable road and weather conditions.

Events That Enrich Your Soul, Mind, and Heart

There are many things to do in this world, but how many of them are fun, informative, and contribute to your personal growth? 
At SoulTopia , we offer an exciting variety of classes each month that speak to the principles of holistic healing and overall health of your mind and body. Our events calendar is always full of classes that are not only enjoyable and enlightening but seek to benefit your spiritual, emotional, and physical health. As a bonus, you also get to hang out with our awesome instructors and meet like-minded souls.

SoulTopia Events

Based out of Carrollton, Texas, our classes run each month with something planned almost every single day. In addition to stimulating classes, we hold a number of events designed to introduce you to art, readings, healing crystals, and other health-centered concepts.

Here is a sample of some of our offerings:

Nature’s SoulMagick – This 90-minute class explores the magic inherent by working with flowers, herbs, candles, oils, and incense; it is an ongoing class, though each class stands alone.
● Intuitive Insights – This interactive and fun class concentrates on bringing out the psychic abilities of beginner and advanced students.
● Belly Dancing – Learn the basics of the exotic art of belly dancing while reducing stress levels and strengthening your physical presence.
● Meditation, Mediumship, and More – In this class, you will learn how to practice deep meditation, embrace mediumship and open Akashic Records.
● Buti Yoga – This class combines intense Yoga with tribal dance and body-sculpting primal movements; the result is long, lean muscles and feminine curves.
● New Moon Celebration Ceremony - New to 2018, join us for a monthly celebration of the new and full moon, special events that teach us the importance of natural cycles.

The weekends are often set aside for longer events to edify the SoulTopia community with features of SoulTopia Sensation, Digital Aura and Chakra readings, art displays, healers, and fortune tellers. Some events ― such as the drum circle and the new moon celebration ― are free, while all other events and classes are reasonably priced.

Why Attend?

By attending one of our many events, you become part of the SoulTopia community and meet others also seeking to enhance aspects of their being. You will learn from our knowledgeable instructors, and find like-minded individuals with similar interests in various things like yoga, nature, psychic possibilities, healing crystals, meditation, or belly dancing.

You will also get the chance to interact with our instructors, many of whom have spent years exploring the advanced capabilities of the mind and body. They will help you on your journey to wherever you are headed and teach you various techniques and ways of being that allow you to transform your mind and body into temples of light and grace.

Most importantly, by attending one of our many events, you will progress on a journey to reach your potential. This may mean training your body to perform fun moves while belly dancing or it may mean entering into a deep space of meditation that cleanses your mind of negative thoughts. Our events strain from the overall idea of living a better, fuller life. ― In the words of Michelle Welch, owner of SoulTopia, “Live life… don’t let life live you.”

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Click Here to See Our Events:
SoulTopia, Carrollton
Click Here to See Our Events:
SoulTopia, Bishop Arts District